Contributing different skill sets and backgrounds, the members of the Animal Testing crew share strong values and a high level of motivation. We are all volunteers.

Why create a new organization?

As a young, radical and abolitionism-oriented organisation, Animal Testing’s goal is to carry out investigations on animal experimentation with the aim of both denouncing this practice and raising awareness among the general public of the reality and living conditions of lab animals.

Transparency on animal suffering
In France, several animal rights organisations campaign for the abolition of animal experimentation, but they focus on raising awareness among the general public (International Campaigns, CCE2A) or promote alternative methods of research without the use of animals (ProAnima, Antidote).

Animal Testing fulfilsmeets a need and collaborates with other existing organisations in a complementary approach, as well as with its counterparts abroad, such as LSCV in Switzerland and Aartze Gegen Tierversuche in Germany.
We strive to gather information and intelligence on animal experimentation to ensure that our investigations can continue to take place. We do not distribute leaflets or organise events or demonstrations and we address the general public and the media only in the following three ways: giving talks, publishing content and releasing undercover investigation reports.

Animal Testing was founded by Audrey Jougla following her investigations in laboratories (find out more here), with the aim of shedding light on the suffering of the animals used for experimentation and obtaining as much information as possible on current practices in this sector.


Animal Testing is an abolitionist organisation and wishes to see the end of all animal experimentation, regardless of the species or the end goals of the experiments.

Our position does not oppose the progress that remains to be made in the fields of science and research. On the contrary, Animal Testing encourages the development of effective and modern research methods that are free from animal cruelty.
Persons suffering from an illness or adverse side effects of a medication are all too often excluded from the debate on animal experimentation. But they are among our main considerations as we strive to prove that we can reconcile human and animal interests, and to reveal the suffering of lab animals without blaming people who need medication.


In our work


Animal Testing believes in the abolition of animal experimentation and takes a radical stand.


In all the information, sources and work practices we use.


Because this subject is painful and demanding, because we are immersed in the world of animal suffering, but also in the world of illness, death and helplessness. It also takes intellectual courage to tackle such a complex subject and to tell the truth.


Intellectual honesty and moral integrity are the true mark of credibility. We cannot know everything, nor answer every question on a matter that is so vast and ever-changing, and we acknowledge this. There is no need to exaggerate or distort reality, which is painful enough as it is and speaks for itself.

Internal and External collaboration

Mutual assistance

We always help those who work to bring about change and we are big believers in collective intelligence rather than individual initiative.


Because progress is slow, investigations are exhausting and often discouraging and because the majority of our work is and will remain unknown.


Even towards those who resist us. We do not oppose humans; we advocate peaceful and non-violent actions. The fight to end animal experimentation is often made into a cause for hatred, which we condemn.


We respect all opinions, never respond to provocation and engage with anyone willing to have an honest debate. Our attitude is not inconsistent with our abolitionist approach promoting the end of all animal experimentation.

Who are we?

Animal Testing has a crew of 20. We are all volunteers.

On board

Audrey Jougla

Head of Investigations
Public & Media Relations
Joanna Trouchaud
1st Lieutenant

Head of Operations
Head of Communications & Partnerships
Volunteers Coordinator

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