Animal experimentation is too often neglected when people speak out against animal suffering, partly because it is complex and highly technical, and also because it is carried out in restricted-access sites. Field investigations are thus core to Animal Testing's work.

Unreleased investigation at a large public laboratory using rodents for research

Did you hear that animals were anesthetized? That painkillers were mandatory? That researchers looked after their well-being? That ethics committees were guarantees?

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Laboratory monkeys in the basement of a hospital in central Paris

Monkeys live in one cubic meter cages for ten years or more. They are intoxicated - through metal implants in their skull - with MPTP to develop Parkinson's disease among others.

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A Life full of suffering: experiments on dogs financed by the Telethon

PETA and Animal Testing reveal conditions at a French lab that performs cruel experiments on dogs with funding from the Telethon.

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Appel à témoins

Nous tenons à rassurer le personnel au sein des unités de recherche qui souhaite témoigner : nous protégeons les sources et assurons la confidentialité des échanges.




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