Animal Testing aims to make laboratory animals more visible. These animals are completely hidden from the public, to the extent that some people think animal experimentation no longer exists. Our goal is to highlight the reality lab animals face day in and day out, and to open public discussion on this heated topic.


Investigations are the most tedious part of what we do, but they allow us to assess animal experimentation practices and to witness firsthand what is taking place. We investigate existing protocols and research institutes as well as public and private laboratories to find out more: who does what, when, how and why? Who finances what experiments and to what ends? To achieve what results? These questions, which are necessary for transparent operations, remain unanswered but guide all of our investigations.


It is crucial to know who the public and private stakeholders are if we are to understand animal experimentation. Yet we still do not know precisely who does what and where in France. This is why Animal Testing works on mapping animal experimentation laboratories and breeding farms.

Photo and video documentation

Our most complex task is photographing and filming the experiments currently taking place. We use two methods: we get outsiders into and out of labs, which is a long and risky process, and we also rely on whistleblowers – internal witnesses who contact us because they are outraged by some practices. If you work at a lab and have something you would like to report, please contact us at temoins@animaltesting.fr. We guarantee that you will remain anonymous, and that we protect our sources.


We monitor scientific, pharmaceutical and legal publications on animal experiments and their goals. It is of paramount importance for us to identify new discoveries, innovations that eliminate animal use, scientific training initiatives, health scandals, and new players in this field.


Our goal is to maintain a consistent presence at shows, professional conciliation meetings, and seminars in which scientific, legal and political players participate. Since the EU directive on animals used in scientific research is to be revised in 2018, it is important that we initiate public discussion now.


Animal Testing organises talks both for professionals and for the general public. Healthcare or cosmetics professionals, activists, students, members of parliament, researchers, local authorities: whether you are just beginning to learn about animal experimentation or are simply curious, we will be happy to help you see the cause of lab animals from an unprecedented angle.