Unreleased investigation at a large public laboratory using rodents for research

Were you told that the animals were anaesthetised? That painkillers were mandatory? That researchers ensured the animals’ well-being? That ethics committees were solid guarantees?

After months of investigation, Animal Testing now brings you the revealing testimony and footage provided by the first whistleblower working for a large Paris-based research laboratory.

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The irregularities that were identified include:

Our whistleblower explained that trying to defend the animals’ interests was perceived by the committees as “bothering everyone.”

This investigation also highlights the suffering of the laboratory staff who tend to the animals and are often powerless to do anything about the suffering that the animals have to endure. This is why our whistleblower chose to speak out: she couldn’t bear the situation any longer.

We salute her courage and hope the taboo she spoke of can break the code of silence.

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