A Life full of suffering: experiments on dogs financed by the Telethon

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PETA and Animal Testing reveal conditions at a French lab that performs cruel experiments on dogs with funding from the Telethon.


Animal Testing opposes not only the cruelty, but also the taboo of the experiments on dogs that are hidden by the AFM-Telethon. This is not about prioritising dogs over people in need of a cure, nor is it about preferring animals to humans – or the other way around. This is about objecting to the violence of a reality that the AFM-Telethon hides from the general public while appealing to its generosity.

In addition to addressing the issue of animal experimentation and the suffering these dogs endure, we aim to open discussion on what the Telethon represents: most people view it as a cause that cannot be questioned or criticised, which in turn raises the question of political decision-making in democracies and of the implications of charity work.

Please ask the AFM-Telethon organization to stop these experiments and support the Animal Testing organization to help continue our investigations.


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