Laboratory monkeys in the basement of a hospital in central Paris

Monkeys live in one cubic meter cages for ten years or more. They are intoxicated - through metal implants in their skull - with MPTP to develop Parkinson's disease among others.

Monkeys living in cages of one cubic metre for ten years or more while being poisoned with MPTP through metal implants in their skulls so that they develop Parkinson’s or other diseases: this is happening in Paris. This is happening right now.

They never get to see the sun and only come out of their cages in restraint chairs that prevent them from moving their wrists, ankles or necks to undergo primary brain research experiments.

The use of restraint chairs is another problem in itself: it requires breaking the monkeys psychologically. Each monkey is deprived of food until it gives in and sticks its head out, allowing itself to be pinned to the chair by the neck in exchange for food.

These monkeys suffer in many different ways.

Their daily lives consist of:

  1. Living in a noisy, prison-like environment, with no social interaction or physical activity, without going outside or seeing sunlight for years on end.
  2. Being given doses of poison and inoculated with diseases, with all the symptoms and suffering that entails.
  3. Being trained by force to accept the restraint chairs.
  4. Undergoing trepanation. Metal implants providing access to their brains are left permanently in their skulls.
  5. Resisting certain experiments as best they can, as you will see in our second video.

Our goal in revealing this footage is to make everyone aware of the terrible fate of these intelligent animals, which – unfortunately for them – are physically so similar to us.

This summarises the paradox of animal experimentation: how can the suffering of these sentient beings be denied, when science has chosen them as guinea pigs specifically because they are so much like us?

With this footage, we shed light on what most of us would rather not see, and what some are trying to silence.

Are these practices legal? There are other ways!

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